In the realm of jazz music, Towner Galaher stands as a multifaceted artist, embodying the roles of a drummer, composer, arranger, bandleader, and educator.

With his newest release, Towner Galaher Organ Trio Live, the fourth addition to his impressive discography, he pays homage to the influential organ trios and masters who have shaped the jazz landscape.

Gaining recognition and acclaim, Towner’s previous album “Uptown!” soared to the top 10 on the National Jazz Charts, securing the #8 spot, and remained in the top 50 for an impressive 22 weeks. Esteemed jazz drumming legend Lenny White attests to Towner’s exceptional talent, describing him as a “triple threat – a remarkable drummer, composer, and band leader.”

As a musician driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Towner Galaher has dedicated years to intense study, delving into the rich history of jazz, R&B, blues, and Latin music. This deep-rooted understanding of the past masters while pushing boundaries towards the future has shaped his distinct jazz style, characterized by a blend of grit, soul, roots, blues, Latin New Orleans second line, and the swinging essence of New York jazz.

 A Prolific Career in Jazz and Education

Towner Galaher’s illustrious career extends beyond his musical pursuits. For over three decades, he has graced the jazz scene in New York City, collaborating with renowned names such as Wynton Marsalis, John Faddis, Mondre Moffet, Jon Hendricks, and Louis Armstrong all-star Arvel Shaw, among others. Guitar legend Jack Wilkins, Peter Cincotti, Craig Handy, and Arturo O’Farill have also shared the stage with this esteemed artist.

Not only has Towner mastered various drumming styles, including Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, New Orleans, and jazz R&B and funk, but he has also honed his skills as an educator. With over 40 years of teaching experience, he has mentored aspiring musicians at community centers, offered private lessons from music stores and his own studio, and dedicated 21 years to educating students in inner-city New York City Public Schools.

Towner Galaher’s educational background includes a BA in music from Empire State College and an MA in jazz performance from Queens College, where he studied composition and arranging with esteemed figures like Mike Mossman and Roland Hanna. His contributions to music scholarship are evident in his seminal essays, including “Parallel Developments and Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Music of New Orleans and Cuba 1900-1920,” “The History of Latin Music in New York City,” and  “New Orleans R&B 1945-1970.” 

Additionally, he has authored an instructional drumming book, “Coordination Development for the Drum Set,” and collaborated with Mike Clark on the critically acclaimed “Mike Clark Funk Drumming: Advanced Concepts & Innovative Grooves and the Post-Bop Drum Book.”

With such a profound impact on the jazz landscape as both an artist and an educator, Towner Galaher continues to inspire and contribute to the rich legacy of this beloved genre.

Unleashing rhythmic prowess, Towner Galaher harmonizes jazz mastery with educational passion, a true maestro of drums and mentor of music.

Towner Galaher